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Time Space Harmony. Welcome to the future of toilet technology.

by Hayon

A search for simplicity in form, but sophistication in function.

ZL Series

A precise, ultra-thin form delivers a tranquil,keenly framed beauty.

GO Series.jpg

GO Series

Swelling and supple, the organic form leaves a graceful impression.

GA Series.jpg

GA Series

Subtle and sharp, this elegant, timeless design upgrades the everyday.

GR Series.jpg

GR Series

The weight of a metal ingot cut at right angles tightens up a space.

GS Series.jpg

GS Series

A modern design wrapping a relaxed, unassuming shape.


LB Series

The simple beauty of a tree branch formed of smoothly curved cylinders.


LN Series

A modern look with nostalgic charm that invites a time of elegance.


LC Series

Formed entirely of curves to highlight textures while gently blending in.


LF Series

Vigor and volume in a casual, compact design that flexibly brightens the space.

Elements of Style


The Modern collections are designed for those who appreciate the wealth of subtlety. Simple yet bold, they are meant to distinguish your home from the rest.


The Contemporary collections encapsulate beauty and versatility in one harmonious form. They are perfectly suitable for private homes, as well as commercial spaces.


The Classic collections are dedicated to the Romantic at heart. They are graceful, sinuous shapes will lend a touch of grandeur to your homes.